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While this site does not offer therapy online it brings to you a "learn and recover" OCD study course from a professionally trained cognitive behavioural therapist in the UK. 

Who is the course for?

 Whether you're a teen or adult looking for self-directed guidance to learn how to overcome OCD; or whether you're new to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and want to learn about the model for someone you care for, then this course is for you. 

Does symptom severity make a difference?

The course generally works better for people who have mild-moderate symptoms, simply because it involves a lot of reading, comprehension and homework checks, so quite taxing if symptoms are severe-extreme; however, the choice remains with the learner. 

What will be in my course?

You will find Carol Edward's OCD "Learn and Recover" course packed with fundamental knowledge - knowledge not only about OCD but also about related problems that are sometimes overlooked in therapy. 

Do you have a list of contents?

Yes, further down the page you can see a list of contents for the course.

How do the homework checks work?

At the end of each tutorial you’ll find homework assignments that ask you questions about the relevant topic – these are a central part to your learning and vital for not only strengthening the learning objectives but also for building awareness of other conditions that may apply. For example, if dissociation becomes a key feature for you, then a tutorial related to this can be added to your learning package for a minimum fee.

How do homework assignments work for ERP?

ERP (exposure response prevention) is first explained with the usual lesson format; and later you are shown how to list your own hierarchy and how to rate your obsessional fears with subject units of distress, and before systematically facing your fears in small steps.

How do I buy the course?

Simply click the payment page and you'll see payment options and what happens on receipt of payment: 

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Is guidance and Support included?

At Education for OCD you can be assured of Carol Edward's ongoing support via e-mail should you require help when working through your tutorials. 

What about Live Chat?

Live chat is separate from the course but is affordable with 30% cost reduction for anyone who purchases the course. More information about this can be seen further down the page.


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Course Contents

Carol Edward's Learn and Recover OCD Course


Special note: If you have a formal diagnosis for OCD and know your severity please be advised that this course might be mentally taxing to engage with if your symptoms are severe-extreme, since the course is based primarily on reading with written assignments.  In this case, assessment is advised before purchasing, since refunds cannot be given once the link to the course has been received. 

A basic assessment form is included with your welcome e-mail  should you decide to purchase the course. This will be used for initial scoring (scoring is free) and for monitoring purposes throughout your course. The scores can be taken to your doctor for further assessment and formal diagnosis.

Part 1

Exercise 1: What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Exercise 2: Cognitive Restructuring

Exercise 3: Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Exercise 4: Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) - Introduction

 Part 2

Exercise 1: Rating situational triggers with subject units of distress (SUDS) 

Exercise 2: Exposure Response Prevention – An introduction                                

Exercise 3: Explaining the ERP and ANXIETY Models - includes therapist/client dialogues                    

Part 3

New Belief Model with Relapse Prevention Blueprint

Includes 6 prevention blueprint activity sheets  with 9 homework tasks


(The certificate refers to those who opt for Carol Edward's appraisals) 

Want to read some of the author's work? Go to: Carol Edward's OCD Blog - Your OCD Study Coach

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This service is separate from the course but can be helpful to discuss personal issues in more depth during study; or about OCD and related problems otherwise for you or someone else!

Please leave your message in the mail box to the top right of your screen to ask about session times.

Carol Edward's Accreditation

Prof.Dip CBT (Distinction) with Core Counselling Skills SAC UK Provider Reference Number 10006352 SAC UK - registered with the British Institute for Learning and Development. 

APT accredited in CBT for OCD

Diploma with the Open College UK for OCD  Studies - with Professor Frederick Toate's book "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" being part of the reading material.

CPD with ICEP Europe for Understanding Autism and Education

Certificate in Caring for People with Psychosis and Schizophrenia with King's College London


David Susman PhD - Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate

"I think your sites are terrific! Your mission and goals are clear and the material you present is grounded in scientifically established therapies. Great job!"

Professor Frederick Toates, author of "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" with Dr Olga Coschug-Toates

You show obvious dedication to a daunting task and your website is presented in a very friendly way. Well done! Fred

Still not sure?

Here are 4 Reasons to choose Education for OCD? 


It provides the learner with expert knowledge about obsessive compulsive disorder, how it works on a bio-behavioural level, and how to reach recovery goals.


Carol Edwards, the author of the "Learn and Recover" OCD course has years of experience living and working with children and adults who have OCD on and off the autism spectrum. She also has personal experience living with various OCD subtypes, PTSD and depression. She's now in remission from OCD.


Carol Edwards also has professional experience with a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy and accreditation in CBT for obsessive compulsive disorder and related problems.


At Education for OCD Carol Edward's "Learn and Recover" OCD study course demonstrates 4 levels of learning 

(1) Indepth knowledge

(2) Comprehension 

(3) Application

(4) Feedback 


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